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Craft Workshops

Damron Studios also offers Craft Workshops for people to make Home Decor Crafts!

In addition to my thriving pet portrait business, I also run several craft workshops to help people make their own home décor crafts. Most craft workshops are marketed toward beginners! Anyone can do it with just a little time, effort, and guidance (provided by me!). From wreaths to banners, hand-crafted cards, vinyl, appliques, felt flowers... I provide the supplies and expertise and you supply the effort. Workshops typically last about two hours and range in price from $25 to $50 depending on supply expenses. Clients must register and pay online in advance before making their own craft. Workshop participation is limited to 10 people per workshop! This is an excellent event for families or groups of friends to do together. There is nothing more fun than putting together and working on a lovely craft. It is a quality way to spend time with friends, family, and loved ones. Plus, you know the final product will look amazing! Combine this with the feeling of accomplishment you will get from having produced these wonderful pieces of décor yourself, and you have a fantastic two hours at a great price.

Folded book holiday trees, needle-felting, paper crafts, Cricut crafts, stenciling, embroidery, and holiday ornaments are all available. For this holiday season, I will be teaching a beginner course on making a needle-felted Santa Claus. If you have ever been interested in needle felting, this is the perfect way to get started! These jolly little Santas can be used as a stand-alone decoration or be easily fashioned into a lovely and cute Christmas tree ornament. The cost of the needle felted Santa workshop is $40, but you cannot put a price on the fun and sense of accomplishment you will get from completing it. If you wish to continue needle felting after you have finished making your Santa figure, then you can purchase a needle felting kit for an additional $25. This kit will allow you to take the principles and techniques learned in the workshop and apply them toward making other great needle-felted pieces. Before you know it, you can be needle felting all the time, regardless of the occasion or time of year! Needle felting is a low-cost, fun hobby that can allow you to express your creativity. Not to mention, you can have plenty of your own decorations to display in your own home or to give as gifts! Nothing is so special as a homemade gift.

But wait, there is even more! One of our most popular craft workshops is the quilling holiday cards. Like the folded book holiday trees and needle-felted Santas, our quilling class is designed with beginners in mind. If you have never tried quilling, you do not have to worry. What is quilling, you may ask. Quilling is the art of making delicate designs out of small strips of paper. It requires not just creativity, but also attention to detail, fine motor movements, and plenty of patience! If you are looking for a new hobby, quilling is an excellent one to take up. I have the skills and experience necessary in order to get you started. In this craft workshop, we will be quilling three possible items: holiday cards, ornaments, and gift tags. This beginner’s course costs $35 and will come with all the items you need to complete either a holiday card, ornament, or gift tag. If you are feeling ambitious and want to continue quilling after the course is finished, you can purchase a complete beginner’s kit for quilling through me for an additional $20.

While we absolutely love painting portraits of pets and dog breeds, I am also incredibly passionate about helping people get in touch with their more artistic side. By hosting these workshops, I hope to help people learn a new skill, maybe even one they will continue to use throughout their lives. My craft workshops are also a great gift idea for that crafty person in your family or friend group. Give them the unique gift of an artistic skill! Book our craft workshops for your family or friends holiday party and enjoy the feeling of satisfaction you can achieve from hand-crafting your own décor. If you stick with it, you can have a fulfilling and wonderful craft and/or skill to occupy you for years! But it all starts with baby steps. Contact me today if you are interested in any of the above mentioned craft workshops and I can get the details sorted out.

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