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Modern Dog Portraits

I love creating Animal Portrait Drawings and Modern Dog Portraits for pet owners and lovers of all kinds.

If you are looking for an artist to paint your dog, then Damron Studios should be your first stop. Unlike other companies that use expensive printers and software to merely print a photograph of your amazing dog, we want you to have a genuine, one-of-a-kind piece of art that looks good and embodies the spirit of your best friend and companion! But we do not just paint dogs. I love all sorts of pets! Looking at my portfolio, you can see examples of my work painting different animals, including a beautiful cat. I welcome commissions from all types of pet owners because I love to be constantly challenged as an artist. If you have a few beautiful cats that you would love to commemorate in portraiture, then be in touch. Or, maybe you have a prized snake or reptile. No worries! I can appreciate the scaly pets and the furry ones alike. No matter your pet, I want to help you celebrate how much you love it, and to capture what that pet means to you.

My modern dog portraits are the perfect gift and are striking additions to anyone’s home or officer décor. Nothing expresses your love quite so well as a piece of original artwork that you commissioned yourself. Do not forget that 10% of the profits go toward my local chapter of the Humane Society, the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia. We believe that all these dogs should be adopted and have a home.

Get in touch today so that I can see pictures of the pet that means the most to you!

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