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Jill Damron Family

My Story

My name is Jill Damron and my passion is painting animals. My family got our first dog when I was just 5 years old; Tassie, our feisty Scottish Terrier. Ever since, I have loved dogs and currently have five at home and one sweet kitty.

Three years ago, I retired from teaching high school literature and embarked on feeding my soul through painting. I decided to marry my love of pets with my passion for painting. I find it intensely rewarding to capture the spirit and personality of my clients' pets so they can have a beautiful portrait as a memento of their deep friendship. 

I believe in the importance of adopting pets from shelters and have adopted many throughout my life. In honor of all the dear animals waiting for a forever home, I will donate 10 % of each sale to the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia.

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