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Paint My Dog

Have you asked yourself who you can contact to paint your dog? Then look no further than Damron Studios. 

As you have probably already gathered, I am very passionate about pets and painting pets. Our pet portraits fall into three categories, roughly speaking. First, I take direct commissions to paint your dog. All I need is a photograph, to know what size you want the watercolor piece (either 8 x 10 or 11 x 14), your mailing address and contact info. Then I get out my brushes and get started. If you have always wanted a striking, beautifully rendered portrait of your beloved dog, then I would love to paint it. Nothing excites me more than capturing a pet’s essence. Those of us who own pets know they all have distinct personalities. I want that to shine through in my work! When you look at my work, I do not want you to just see your beloved cocker spaniel, I want you to see the considerate companion who snuggles you when they know you are down, the playful scamp who follows you around the house and is always at your feet.

In addition to commissioned pet portraits, I am also working on painting portraits of several different dog breeds. As mentioned before, look at our gallery and you will see that I have already painted several breeds! I have painted Golden Retrievers, French and English Bulldogs, Huskies, German Shepherds, Beagles, Dachshunds, and even more! I am constantly looking for ways to expand my portfolio of dog breeds and work as much as I can to fill customer requests.

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