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Pet Portraits

Damron Studios: Your go-to destination for Pet Portraits and Animal and Portraits Drawings of all kinds!

It is often said that pets are so good that we do not deserve them. They are seemingly so good and loving that we are often at a loss as to how to pay them back or best show our love for them. Buy your pet more than another bone or toy. Invest in a meaningful piece of work that expresses how wonderful and amazing they really are. Your pet is a dear part of your life and your family. It can often be hard to determine the best way to commemorate our dear furry friends.

Damron Studios is here to help you remember your beloved pet in a special, meaningful way. I specialize in creating personal pet portraits and pet portrait gifts. This is a unique way of showing your love and appreciation for these beloved animals who do so much to comfort and love us. But you do not have to buy pet portraits just for yourself – they make great gifts. We all know someone who is inseparable from their pet. The dog is always by their side, seemingly part of every facet of their life. Surprise them with a personal pet portrait for a birthday or holiday. These are more than just paintings or photographs, these are cherished portraits and keepsakes for everyone to enjoy.

Damron Studios is a dynamic, full-service art studio that specializes in creating wonderful pet portraits, animal portraits, drawings, pet portraits printed on t-shirts, and multiple crafts workshops! We live by our motto: Art Unleashed. The founder, owner, and operator of Damron Studios, Jill Damron, has married her lifelong passions of painting and animals. A former high school literature teacher, Jill decided to devote herself full-time to painting. She believes in adopting pets from shelters and has adopted several pets throughout her life. Currently, she has five dogs at home and one cat. Because of this passion for adopting pets, she donates 10% of her profits to the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia. A gift purchased through Damron Studios is more than just an amazing and wonderful gift, it is an investment in helping animals that are still waiting for homes.

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