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Private Parties

Contact me at Damron Studios to book for private parties or a date night!

Let us face it, there is nothing quite so fun as working together to build or create a piece of art. After all, these sorts of events have become staples of the holiday season. Think about how much fun you and your family have had building gingerbread houses during the Christmas season. Or, to reference a rising business, how you and your friends enjoyed getting together to drink wine and paint a landscape or still life at your local artist studio. I would love to open the doors of Damron Studios to your party in order to help create incredibly unique memories. The best part is, you can take these memories home with you and display them proudly in your home or place of work.

A private party offers endless possibilities. A birthday party, bridal shower, baby shower, anniversary party or just getting together with your book club, tennis team, church group or a moms' day decide. I will provide all the supplies and you are welcome to bring your own food and beverages. Use my giant chalkboard for a unique photo background. So gather your friends together for a unique party! Contact me for details and pricing.

If you are struggling to think of a good idea for your next private party, consider calling or emailing me. I can set up a craft or painting workshop for your next private party! The supplies will be provided by me and are included in one convenient place. The cost is determined by the nature of the workshop and by how many people wish to attend. Once we have those parameters in place, all your group has to do is show up and create! You can choose from watercolor painting, book crafts, quilling, stenciling a tray, alcohol ink, wreaths, upcycle crafts, embroidery, cricut crafts, or needle felting! There are few things I enjoy more than helping people create art and good memories all at the same time. Both can be done here at Damron Studios.

Perhaps you have a more intimate or romantic occasion in mind, a private workshop for you and your loved one or significant other. If you and your partner want a private workshop, reach out and I can set it up. Creating art together is one of the most romantic things people can do together. It makes for a fun and memorable date. Maybe you have not planned something for your anniversary or other special occasion. Giving the gift of an exclusive workshop session will show how much you value this person’s time. The best part of all is that you will be able to bring your completed craft or portrait home to display. Whenever you glance at that painting or that craft, you will remember more than just the art. You will remember the love, affection, and memories you have built with that person. Get in touch today for a quote and to discuss how I can best help you create the perfect ambiance for your date or celebration.

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